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Phillis Wheatley

Today I would like to discuss writer, Phillis Wheatley. Hopefully, many of you will already know who this woman is.

"Phillis Wheatley / by an unidentified artist / Engraving on paper, 1773 / National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution" [1]. No copyright infringement is intended.

Phillis was the first female of African descent to be published, this occurring in the colonial period.[2] She was born about 1753, began writing her poetry book around the age of twelve years old and was published in 1773.[3]

There is so much more to learn about Phillis; please continue to do so at the source cited below or at the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R) Museum, here is the link to their museum:

[1] Stephanie Sheridan, "Phillis Wheatley: Her life, Poetry, and Legacy," National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian ( : accessed 26 February 2021).

[2] Ibid, para. 1.

[3] Ibid, para. 2-3.

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