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DNA Testing

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We are going to follow along the process of DNA testing with an AncestryDNA test. I am not affiliated with Ancestry or AncestryDNA in any way.

My mother (step-mother for genealogical purposes) has been kind enough to agree to allow us to take her DNA test journey with her from beginning to end.

Today, her test was activated via the AncestryDNA app with me acting as owner of her test. So for those of you who have relatives who need help or assistance, you are able to provide them with it by acting as owner if necessary.

Each DNA box has a code for activation and a new email address is required for each new DNA test activation.

After activation and then waiting 30 minutes (with no eating, drinking, having gum or smoking for those who do), a test sample may be provided.

Then you seal it as instructed on the instructions in the packaging and prepare it for mail in the pre-labeled and pre-postal paid.

Updates will follow as we receive them.

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