What is family? What is heritage? What is culture? These are some of the things we may seek and are sometimes lucky enough to find when researching genealogy. Part of what helps to establish family ties, heritage and cultures are tradition.

Sometimes these traditions can be passed down in the form of family recipes. Recipes are often passed from family member to family member, generation to generation. Today, my aunt shared a family recipe that my grandfather used to make. More significantly, it was recorded in his own hand. My aunt has been making this recipe, with a few adjustments due to incorrect memory and as well as for taste, for me, my husband and children.

This recipe not only perpetuates what it means to have family, traditions, heritage and culture; but is also demonstrates the import of having original records. My aunt would have continued to misremember one of the ingredients, until she had discovered the original recipe in my grandfather’s hand. What are your family traditions? What recipes remind you of your family and family members?

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