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Ten Oldest American Cities

According to an article entitled "10 Oldest Cities in the United States," posted on ThoughtCo., the oldest cities in our country, along with their founding date, are as follows: [1]

  1. St. Augustine, Florida, September 8, 1585

  2. Jamestown, Virginia, April 26, 1607

  3. Sante Fe, New Mexico, 1607

  4. Hampton, Virginia, 1610

  5. Keycoughtan, Virginia, 1610

  6. Newport News, Virginia, 1613

  7. Albany, New York, 1614

  8. Jersey City, 1617

  9. Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1620

  10. Weymouth, Massachusetts, 1622

As someone who was born and raised in New jersey, I was surprised to learn that Jersey City was older than Plymouth. Were you? Could you have family origins from one or more of this locations?

If you know of any ancestors that lived in one of this historic towns, please share your story. I am a descendant of Edward Thurston and Ann Loving of Martin's Hundred, Virginia, near Jamestown. Martin's Hundred was not founded until 1619, several years after Jamestown, but it still certainly makes the cut.

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[1] Amanda Briney, "10 Oldest Cities in the United States," ThoughtCo. ( : accessed 2 September 2021).

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