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Honoring Our Ancestors

Today, I would like to honor one of my own ancestors, my second great-grandmother, by telling you a little bit about her and her life.

This is Hattie (nèe Williams) Austin:

Hattie was born December 1, 1877, in Rockport, Ohio County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Mansfield and [Mary] Jane (née McDowell) Williams. She had at least eleven siblings.

She married her husband, Addison Austin, in 1895. Thier only known child, James Addison Austin, was born May 7, 1895.

Hattie died April 1, 1956 in Louisville, Kentucky, almost seven years after her husband’s passing. She was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis for several years before her death.

In what ways do you honor your ancestors? Honoring your ancestor can be done in so many small ways Recording their recipes for the future, cooking their recipes, recording their stories, keeping their military records or awards, keeping newspaper clippings, watching family videos, etc.

If you are considering taking some of the next steps of family history preservation, Awes of Inheritance: Family History Services is here to guide you.

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