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Denton Offutt

The other day, I wrote a post about Abraham Lincoln's assassination. I asked if anyone had a historical or genealogical connection to him. Today, I would like to share my connection with you.

My first cousin six times removed, was an individual by the name of Denton Offutt. Denton Offutt (b. bet. 1804-1807 - d. bet.1861-1862), was a store owner who hired Abraham Lincoln in April of 1831 as a clerk to take goods and travel with them by boat.[1] There is a lore that "...the young Abraham had accidentally overcharged a customer, and traveled many miles to return the money, which earned him the nickname "Honest Abe." The little known fact is that "Honest Offutt" forced Abe to run those many miles."[2]

[1] "Offutt, Denton," Papers of Abraham Lincoln Digital Library ( : accessed 15 April 2021).

[2] "Denton Offutt," Wikipedia ( : accessed 15 April 2021), para. 4.

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