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The Board for Certification of Genealogist (BCG) has a different definition, that takes more into account when considering, what genealogy mean. The BCG defines genealogy as:

“Genealogy is the study of families in genetic, social, and historical context. Within that framework, it is the study of the people who compose a family and the relationships among them. At the individual level, it is biography, because we must reconstruct each individual life in order to separate each person’s identity from that of others bearing the same name. Beyond this, many researchers also find that genealogy is a study of communities because kinship networks have long been the threads that create the fabric of each community’s social life, politics, and economy.”[1]

Genealogy is so much more than a birth line or pedigree; your genealogy is part of the social and historical context it was formed in. When researching genealogy, all of the following information much be accounted for: socio-economic conditions, political factors, community relations and more.

Do you feel you know have a better understanding of genealogy today than after just reading yesterday’s blog post?

[1] Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), ( accessed 7 March 2021), Definition of genealogy, para. 1.

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